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Virtual Still life. Dimensions variable. Giclée print, 15.5 x 28 inches.


SHORT TAKES is a series of virtual still life images that developed out of the Myrtle Walks moving panoramas series. The discarded objects I noticed on my walks and incorporated in the panorama series led me to think broadly about the power of familiar objects — the things that surround me at home, in the studio and neighborhood. These ordinary objects can assume a presence beyond their simple utility, through layered association in imagination and memory. Despite their overt cheer, they also embody the overabundance of consumer objects in contemporary life and the inevitable accumulation of waste and resulting ecological destruction. On my walks for the Myrtle series, I’ve also photographed the iron fences (sometimes several concentric layers of ornamental grills) that enclose buildings near my studio and use the geometry of fencing as viewing frame. This series also explores the nature of two-dimensional representation, contrasting hybridized virtual models and photography.

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