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9000px x 15000px, 300 ppi (50” x 30”), 386 MB, 41 layers

VIDEO of digital animation from the GUNS series

ROZ DIMON: My first image that included guns was painted over thirty years ago in a series from my early days in Atlanta, GA titled "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT." They have continued to pop up in my work over the years in pieces which examine American culture, our tools and icons -- in both medium and message. 


A recent series "GUNS" evolves directly from a prior series ARTIFACTS II where brilliantly man-made tools such as the common safety-pin hold a strange paradox - where something invented to hold things together might also be used to prick, to harm. 


Guns while menacing, powerful and lethal are also paradoxically beautifully designed objects -- part of our history and culture.


This particular gun was owned by a gay man who was never able to "come out" due to the times he lived in. His masculine power seemed somehow wrapped up in his gun collection, especially this prized Derringer that he kept lovingly and devotedly swaddled in a soft cloth, locked up in a drawer.

sound design by Pete Grossman

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