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Madonna, Mario, and Child, 2017, 8x10, silkscreen print 

St. Lucy-2018, 8x10 Silkscreen print

TeeVulzio Madonna, 2018, 11 x 14, silkscreen print 


This work is part of a series of deities and iconic religious figures with technological integrations, with emphasis on the television set as an iconic and crucial part of our technological history, which created a turning point in the transmission and reception of information.


These two ideas, the spiritual and technological, converge in a series of several prints including the Virgin Mary and expanding upon three concepts: Firstly, the deity existing as a receiver of our religious and spiritual input, and transmitter of this information, and again as a receiver of devotion. Secondly, the idea of technological worship as a parallel to the intensity of pre-technological spiritual ecstasy.


Lastly, this series represents the idea of our religious and spiritual practices becoming dated or obsolete with the passing of time with particular attention to the rapid development in technology in the last 100 years and its impact on human relationships and perceptions.
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