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The Conversation / Modern Times / Old Friends Reunion
Movement Interrupted series (Glitch Art)
Dye Sublimation prints on metal, ed. of 12 in varying sizes


My work pushes 'traditional' boundaries of photography by using the visual effects of data corruption glitches for aesthetic purposes. I photograph my TV screen when it pixelates and fragments due to uneven reception. These are actual unaltered photographs, NOT created in Photoshop or using any algorithm or app.

It seems we are in a difficult period in our history, where things are disintegrating and falling apart, which is what my work reflects, but at the same time I see the beauty within the chaos.

The images appear on the TV screen for a split second and I am there to capture it in a photograph before it vanishes forever.
I titled this series Movement Interrupted several years ago, but since Covid this has taken on an even greater significance since our lives and movement have literally been interrupted.

The images are dye sublimation prints on aluminum, allowing the metal substrate to shine through the surface, adding another visual element of depth to the work. The contemporary feel of the metal works well with the technological glitches that occur.

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